Salt & Pepper Shakers

Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

LOOKING FOR A FUN AND KITSCHY WAY TO INFUSE SOME VINTAGE VIBE TO YOUR TABLE?There is a certain warmth and cozyness to a farmhouse or country kitchen and dining area.  This timeless style makes the food seemingly prepared more lovingly. And with this current revival of vintage and retro aesthetics in interior design, many of us have been looking for ideas on how to incorporate this trend into our homes today.

These vintage inspired mason jar salt and pepper shakers will have everyone smiling at how cute they are. They are the perfect size for indoor and outdoor dining needs and will definitely be a topic of conversation, receiving multiple comments of praise, from your guests and family.

Not only decorative and collectible, but they are functional and very easy to use. Bottom stoppers make it easy to fill and it is also dishwasher and microwave safe for added convenience. They also make great gifts for the budding chefs on your Christmas list or the retro loving friend or collector family member.

Our measuring spoon sets are crafted with precision to measure all ingredients perfectly—in the shape of cute mason jars! The design is casual and approachable, reminiscent of retro and vintage styles. They work well with every kind of kitchen interior design, whether modern or traditional, and are perfect if you antique, farmhouse, or country looks.

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SKU:  751125197136 COLOR: BLUE
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SKU:  751125197112 COLOR: RED
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SKU:  751125197143 COLOR: WHITE
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SKU:  751125197129 COLOR: PINK

This mason jar ceramic salt and pepper shaker is the perfect collectible for every retro inspired kitchen. It’s the perfect countertop addition to your kitchen.

This cute mason jar inspired salt and pepper shaker set was designed not just to be decorative but also highly to be functional. They are actual working shakers that are very easy to fill; simply pop out the bottom stopper and fill.

Meticulously crafted from premium, high quality ceramic, these salt and pepper shakers are durable; treated to resist chipping, staining and fading and will look lovely even after many years of use.


A set includes 1 pair of Salt & Pepper shakers.
Capacity: 8 oz (250ml) per shaker
Dimensions: 4 ¾” H x 2 ¾” W

We use 100% high-quality ceramic for all our products, which helps keep them safe from scratches, scuffs, and cracks.